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By chosing either Upper GI Endoscopy or Colonoscopy you will be presented with a cascade of up to six questions to help identifiy the clinical situation (clinical scenario or indication) that was evaluated by the panel of experts which most closely resembles your patient.

As you proceed through the questions, the summary of answers to previous questions will appear at the top of each page.

Different buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to back up in your choices if you realize you have entered erroneous data. Index will bring you to the initial choice between Upper GI Endoscopy and Colonoscopy. Clicking on Back will go to the previous question related to your patients situation.

Each choice for the question requested is preceded by a red arrow for indicating the situation or characteristics corresponding to your patient.

Some aspects of the choices are in blue and can be clicked to obtain a Definition of the highlighted term. By clicking on the red colored text, you will choose that option and advance to the next question.

Miscellaneous information
On the left window:

Appropriate Health Care will present a brief introduction to quality in health care.

The European panel provides the list of European experts who participated in EPAGE.

provides references to literature providing a backgroud to the EPAGE project. These references are from the "Introduction" and "Conclusion" articles in the special issue of Endoscopy (8:1999) dedicated to this project. Links to abstracts are also provided. References related to specific clinical situations can also be found here, as well as at the end of each clinical scenario. 

The proper functioning of EPAGE

Configuration and options

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